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I pointed at a guy in a baseball cap at the far end of the bar. I launched because I wanted to give other women the opportunity to encourage each other to own their power.

And that in order to feel sexy, you need to know what you want, not just in terms of fitting into a bikini for that beach party you're going to, but for your life. Offline dating expert, Camille Virginia, shared how to ditch the apps and date in real life. Last night, on Fantasy Dating Radio, we found out why, and how to get back there.

Holistic Coach, Brittney da Costa of Body By Brittney, shared awesome tips to help you feel sexier, more confident, and live an adventurous life. Special guest, Lifestyle, Productivity and Communication Coach, Joseph Faust, shared how to design your entire life so that it supports your lovelife.

At the time, I could have opened a consignment shop for bridesmaid’s dresses. provides an opportunity for women to discover those men while going about their everyday lives.

Baby shower invitations were piling up like bar receipts. Then Charlie, whose messy basement apartment should have convinced me that his internal life was just as messy. And as they dare to date, they walk taller, smile, feel more confident, and meet people with ease.

As he LIVE coached three participants, we discovered how to focus on what we want versus what we don't want.

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