Deal breakers men dating

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I, for example, wanted a brown-haired, green-eyed man named Paul with hard abs (that he would sculpt while playing soccer) and a soft soul.

Though many were understandable – hates children, fear of commitment, voted for Trump – others were bordering on, yes, shallow.

My recently married friend’s main complaint was: “Owning an Xbox or games console and expecting you to watch him play it.” I could only assume that her husband does not do this, or else this was a superb display of marital passive-aggression.“Doesn’t ski” was the response from a friend I lose to the mountains for half the year.

Dating expert Lydia Davies, of matchmaking service Mutual Attraction, talks me through the nuances of male and female expectations when looking for a partner.

While women have far lengthier and excruciatingly detailed requirements, men (particularly straight men) have deal-breakers that are more skin-deep. While many may seem superficial and trivial, they often pertain to important lifestyle choices.

During the first few weeks of the year, online dating sites like this one see their highest levels of traffic, as many single people resolve to start or resume their search for a partner.

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