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by  |  08-Aug-2017 15:38

My daughter and son are 26 and 23 respectively and I keep a wee eye on them from afar.

if I thought they showed signs I would encourage them to get the help I needed all those years ago.

I still would not wish depression on my worst enemy!!

Dating website for people with depression

I read the modern person has more complexity in 1 day then the average person had in their lifetime 500 years ago.

The tree that survives the storm is the one that can bend with it, the Dali Lama says the key to mental health is mental flexibility, being able to adapt, same as with evolution.

Be you in jail or in a 5 star hotel its all an illusion, just be in the present in the now.

Simplicity and living in the now, the past in an illusion, the future a dream, all we have is the now. In other words drop the ego and its dreams/insecurities/illusions and just be in the present.

I suspect that regular forumites over the last 6 years or so might be surprised to hear that.

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