Dating vintage yamaha guitars

by  |  12-Mar-2018 10:46

Maybe someone can actually LEARN something about that guitar that’s been sitting in a closet for the past 50 years and maybe that guitar can get fixed up and handed down. A HUGE part of the fun with these 60s MIJ guitars is that they’re still pretty cheap!

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Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music filled in some missing pieces too.

These three guys are just so great for sharing what they know.

The most extensive collection of sampled renaissance & baroque instruments available.

Produced in conjunction with Birmingham Conservatoire, the set includes : Flemish Harpischord | French Harpsichord | Baroque guitar | English Theorbo Hurdy Gurdy | Psaltery | Percussion Instruments One of the most enigmatic musical instruments of the 20th century, The Ondes Martenot was invented in 1928.

Many thanks need to go out to the main contributors to this list besides yours truly.

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