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The First Bulgarian Kingdom arose in the early ninth century.

Aggressive warfare against Byzantium had pushed the borders of Bulgaria to the Carpathian Mountains in the north and to the Aegean Sea in the south.

Folk costumes are not entirely just for celebrations; while most of the residents of cities dress in current Western style, many in rural areas still wear traditional dress.

Roma, or Gypsies, are regarded as outsiders and generally live separate from the rest of the population, on the edges of urban areas.

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Romanian culture sets itself apart from others in the East European region just as it shares some elements with them.

C., to the Macedonians, who settled the region under Alexander the Great, to the Romans, who overpowered the Thracians in 50 A. When the attenuated Roman Empire divided itself into two parts, Thrace fell under the administration of the eastern, or Byzantine, empire. D., migrant Slavic tribes, encountering little opposition from Byzantine troops, had established themselves south of the Danube and absorbed the smaller Thracian population.

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