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The organ played at the opening concert was a historic Norman & Beard made in 1909.The 6 meter high instrument has 1,350 pipes, 3 layers of keyboards and 21 organ stops, and took Ian Wakeley, an Australian organ technician, over a month to restore and tune.

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Just a big thanks to MPrime and WPNinja for solving the issue I was having with captions on my gallery photos. There are always multiple moderators replying within 24 hours offering their help.

They hung in there and eventually did solve the issue. I simply follow the forum thread that I create and get notifications when someone has posted in my topic.

Used and worked with few premium Word Press themes and support before, but I must say My Theme Shop support is much better than any others.

Quick, professional, understand my issues, and mostly their solutions work.

But finally they heard that Ian Wakeley was seeking an organ for a Chinese client, and within a couple of weeks the organ was destined for Gulangyu.

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