Dating lois lane short story

by  |  28-Apr-2018 04:18

In just the first few episodes of the black-and-white series, Lois placed herself at the center of a mob trial, choosing to testify about stories she had written tackling the criminal organization.

In the ninth episode of the show, Lois ended up trapped in a collapsed mine when, unsatisfied with the speed of efforts to rescue an old miner trapped in the tunnels, she chose to head off on her own to lend a hand.

Each of these women brought her own flavor of Lois to the screen, and each has earned her own spot in the canon, playing the character for years and imprinting herself in the hearts and minds of viewers.

But there’s one woman whose portrayal of Lois often gets swept under the rug, overshadowed in many ways by the women who came after her and erased from the memories of many fans by the woman who replaced her.

Coates’ Lois was a fast-talking, serious journalist with a nose for a story and a habit of getting herself into trouble, and while she would frequently find herself in need of rescue it wasn’t for lack of trying to save herself.

Usually, it was because she was trying to help someone else.

And, it should be noted, she is one of the only actresses to play the character and receive equal billing with star George Reeves (at Reeves' insistence. Gone was the no-nonsense reporter who broke the story of Superman in her very first issue.

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