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Imagine working with 50 different carriers for all modes of transportation..guessed it right, within no time your financial department looks more like a paper factory. Because of the fact that every carrier uses a unique, paper invoice format and billing cycle, the accounting process grows even more complex and confusing, causing big trouble to already complex freight accounting and invoicing process.

Consolidating your freight invoice will streamline this process, for both the logistics as for the finance department.

Therefore, make sure your carrier does the correct shipment consolidation of your LTL, parcel and Air shipments.

Click ‘Close’ in the right corner when you are done selecting jobs.

Step 3 – modify sub-invoices on each job When you click the approve button in step 3, the system will create a sub-invoice on the jobs selected.

The need to issue a credit memo is common everyday practice for all companies.

When the invoice being credited is recent, or the credit is an easy one-to-one (credit memo to invoice) match, this process should be fairly simple.

The second reason, companies are working with 3PL’s / freight audit providers that don’t offer consolidation of freight invoices.

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