city by updating profile site month - Cacti weather map not updating

by  |  19-Nov-2017 18:57

I installed cacti 0.8.6.j with puling architecture and thold, monitor, ntop, mactrack I installed weathermap0.8.2 I can access to page editor create a map, put a node and link BUT when I click in node properties and link properties, I cant use the data sources of cacti (the box is empty without options) like if no have relation with cacti.

Another thing else, in cacti log I don’t see poller with weathermap I installed weather map follow this steps I copy the folder weathermap into /usr/share/cacti/SITE/plugins/ I edit the (add plugin weathermap) I copy the folder weathermap into /var/www/ too I renamed the file edito-config.php-dist to (in var/www/weathermap/ AND usr/share/cacti/site/plugins/weathermap I gave the permissions I have a questions?

When placing links, start with the SOURCE that the graph data uses.

So if you have a link between switches 1 and 2, and you will track that with switch 1's graphs, then select switch 1 first. (below in the cleanup section, we will be able to fix backwards graphs if you make a mistake.)Go on doing this for all the links that you want to monitor.

These are the key parts to make this work: use variables that you defined with SET though) First of all, you need to know the Cacti host ID for the host.

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