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But because low-information educators have so mangled our history, and activist judges have so mangled our Constitution, most Americans, even educated ones, do not understand this basic fact about the First Amendment: that by the word "religion" in the First Amendment, the Founders meant only the various expressions of Christianity.While Story indeed stated that the original intent of the First Amendment was specifically directed against the threat of Christian sects accruing power or fighting amongst one another, Fischer has taken it out of context, claiming he was speaking to the effect that this intent was ultimately the sole purpose, to the exclusion of all others and justifying the disparagement of anything else.

To this end, Fischer is lying by omission, because Story's unabridged commentary reaches a conclusion that runs completely counter to that narrative: § 1872. Justice Blackstone, after having spoken with a manly freedom of the abuses in the Romish church respecting heresy; and, that Christianity had been deformed by the demon of persecution upon the continent, and that the island of Great Britain had not been entirely free from the scourge, defends the final enactments against nonconformity in England, in the following set phrases, to which, without any material change, might be justly applied his own sarcastic remarks upon the conduct of the Roman ecclesiastics in punishing heresy.

"For non-conformity to the worship of the church," (says he,) "there is much more to be pleaded than for the former, (that is, reviling the ordinances of the church,) being a matter of private conscience, to the scruples of which our present laws have shown a very just, and Christian indulgence.

It's not to Jesus Christ, it's not to the Judeo-Christian tradition, it is not to American values and American tradition and American history and American heroes.” (an observation which must come as a total surprise to citizens of Saudi Arabia, to say the least) and you have to wonder if the conditioner Fischer uses for that impressive head of hair of his isn't causing brain damage.

More recently, Fischer insisted that the real reason that Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner was running for mayor of New York City wasn't because he wanted to actually be mayor; it was so that his Muslim wife Huma Abedin could engage in "jihadist activity", because it would "serve the interests of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood and their agenda" to have a "mayor of the most populous city in the United States be connected to the Muslim Brotherhood".

Fischer still hosts a weekly talk radio program, Focal Point, which is syndicated by the AFA's radio network, American Family Radio, to an audience of over 1 million listeners on more than 180 stations nationwide.

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