Cam chat humping - Autism dating relationships

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She'd fool around with a guy and get dumped a few days or weeks later without explanation.

"I had no idea what I was doing that was scaring guys away," says Lindsey.

The disorder can create sensory issues, like hypersensitivity to touch and sound, and impair social skills.

While some autistics are gifted (often in music or math), they may be utterly baffled by the nuances of small talk and eye contact. Imagine a first date—never a breeze for any of us—with those limitations."I hear a lot of loneliness, sadness and fear among the autistic adults I meet," says Stephen Shore, author of and an internationally recognized expert on autism who has the disorder himself.

"Without a natural understanding of communication, it's much more difficult for people with autism to find and sustain an intimate relationship." They have hearts that -esque loner who'd rather count toothpicks than make friends—adult autistics often know what they're missing out on and hope to find love, like anyone else.

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