Autism and single parenting and dating Girls pooping cam

by  |  19-Sep-2017 23:34

” Please don’t complain about all of the “normal” things that bother you as the parent of a typical child -- at least not in front of parents who have children on the spectrum.

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Words that often unintentionally hurt or upset family members who are affected by autism.

All of the family, friends, co-workers and even strangers who approach parents of children on the autism spectrum with words that really should never have left their mouths in the first place.

Statements like these seem to minimize a parent’s experience by implying that this situation is something that they be able to handle.

Also, while it’s tempting to try to put a positive spin on the diagnosis, most parents of newly diagnosed children don’t feel that the diagnosis is the “best.” Over time, parents come to a place of acceptance, and some even view the diagnosis as a gift or as a way to gain a different perspective on life.

So, in the spirit of National Autism Awareness Month, some of my friends and clients who have children on the autism spectrum decided to brainstorm a list of statements they wish people would and wouldn’t say. Don’t say: “Is your child an artistic or musical genius? ” We’ve all seen “Rain Man” and know about the extraordinary artistic and musical gifts that some individuals on the autism spectrum possess.

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