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The self-drilling function reliably protects the tissue and bone from over-heating and irritation.Without pre-drilling, the screw proves to have increased purchase, stability and pull-out strength due to a more condensed screw-bone interface.Is there anything better than putting theory into practice?

Arianeb dating walkthrough

Bernhard Alpstaeg, a member of the judging panel commented: «Willi Miesch’s approach distinguishes him as an entrepreneur who would succeed around the world.

He convinced the judging panel because of his ability as a highly independent thinker, a thoughtful and decisive decision maker».

The cadaver lab at the AMTS in Muttenz offered the most modern und unique facilities – the latest in mobile fluoroscopy from “Hologic” allowed precise examination during the exercises and the Aesculap power tools were perfectly suited for all indications treated in this course.

All exercises have been demonstrated in a pre-operation by a member of faculty – the live transmission with close-up shots to all working stations enabled each and every participant to closely watch the process while further support has been provided by participating distributors and the entire Medartis Staff.

Medartis today announced that it has acquired 100% ownership of the Brazilian distributor Extera.

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