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The eight-part noir thriller will begin shooting in and around London later this month, and is due to hit screens at an undisclosed date in 2016.

The female stars will be joined by a supporting cast that includes former soap actors Ian Puleston-Davies (‘Coronation Street’) and Ray Panthaki (‘East Enders’), plus ‘Fortitude’s Nicholas Pinnock.

One day, they fail to get a response from their basement tenant Ben and go down to his apartment to check on him, only to be faced with a brutal murder scene. Continue: Good People - Trailer Trailer Michael Winterbottom vividly recreates swinging 1960s London in this biopic about one of Soho's most notorious figures.

Their luck seems to change, however, when they discover a bag of £220,000 in bank notes stashed in the ceiling tiles. It's a lively and attention-grabbing film, but the cast and filmmakers never create a character we can identify with or care about, which leaves the film feeling a bit meaningless.

Anna Friel (12.7.1976)Anna Friel is a British actress.

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