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[40] In 1595, Dutch traders and the indigenous Khoikhoi first came into contact at the Cape.[41] The local language Afrikaans thereby started to develop.

[21] Photographs circulated of slogans on banners which read, for example, ‘We do not want Afrikaans’.

[22] The ‘coercive power’ of the Apartheid government in forcing Afrikaans upon its populace led to ‘the uprising and especially in the wake of the state’s violent response, a hardened suspicion of its speakers’.

[8] Therefore, Afrikaans occupies a somewhat awkward place in South Africa’s linguistic historiography, it ‘is at once the language of the conqueror and the language of the oppressed’.

[9] Rather than focusing on the oppression of Black and Coloured people by White Afrikaans speakers, this article focuses on ways in which oppressed Afrikaans-speakers historically employed the language ‘to express [B]lack resistance’ in the eras of colonialism, Afrikaner nationalism and Apartheid.

The rebellion against Afrikaans in 1976 was against Afrikaans, the white oppressor’s language.

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