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Select a fare that suits your budget, and travel with comfort and style.

You can fly with flydubai as normal up to the end of your 28th week of pregnancy.

After that, you can only fly with us if you give us a medical report or letter (signed or officially stamped by a doctor or midwife considered sufficiently qualified by us) in English or Arabic, stating: You can't fly with us after end of the 36th week of pregnancy.

If you're planning a return flight with us, it must be before this. Foldable/collapsible pushchairs and strollers meeting the permissible size and weight of hand baggage may be accepted for carriage in the cabin provided space is available.

Pushchair/stroller should be stowed and secured in the overhead locker.

However, within a period of 96 hours of your original flight departure time you will be given the opportunity to rebook your ticket.

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