Adam goldberg dating

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"I would go with Chad, just take a walk into downtown Jenkintown, go over to Martin's Aquarium."We'd ride our bikes around the neighborhood; it was a perfect little community."And if Goldberg wants to nosh on name-dropping, who could blame him?

"We could just stop off for something to eat at Houlihan's, or go to Archie's Tavern But getting Outback in the neighborhood was a real game-changer."The games people play also intrigue him.

Then pick the handles of your choice, from a contrasting print to a fuzzy addition, and a shoulder strap, for easy toting and an extra dose of flair.

Now, the fun begins when you can add on key fobs, key rings, stickers and ruffs (which are basically cute scrunchies for your handles), to complete your bag design.

In fact, ABC is hearing so many good things about the show, the network has asked Goldberg to do a spin-off.

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